Professional Experience


My professional experience counts over 10 years of proficient writing and editing, as you can easily see on one of the largest online article directories,, by viewing my Expert Author account, My publishing experience with Ezine has been strongly connected to my collaboration with Calcius Tech Group, a very well known and greatly experienced SEO company.

Being member of a highly exclusive group of writers, I have learnt over the years to perfectly  integrate my general comprehension and thirst for knowledge into the projects and tasks I have taken on. Furthermore, as the online environment has extended and bloomed over the years, I attained great skills and became versed in writing for search engine optimization purposes, keyword research and copywriting strategies. I have started this exciting and enjoyable journey and career with simple structured articles, 5-600 words compositions, for various clients operating in diverse areas and domains. I have broadened my horizons and expertise in business writing, technical writing, financial, medical and scientific writing, as well as instructional writing and editing. I have developed highly efficient ways and strategies to research and document a topic and then to provide general, informative content, as well as more advanced and detailed information on a certain subject, depending on the purpose of the articles and the needs and wishes of the clients.

My early publishing and editing experience has gained me the respect and recognition of both colleagues within the field and clients, so pretty soon I opened up my area of expertise to several new and different writing jobs and projects, such as press releases, social media writing, blog writing, fiction and non fiction book writing and editing, business proposals and many more, all of which came from the most varied domains and subjects of interest. My continuous collaboration with Calcius Tech Group has put me in contact with plentiful clients, having diverse needs and styles and I gain rich experience in moulding my creative and writing skills on specific requirements. Moreover, I began to edit more ample writings, such as scripts, books, medical papers, dissertation papers and researches and many more.

After more than 20 years of constantly improving my skills and techniques, staying up to date with everything that is new in the world of copywriting, editing strategies and writing styles, I am now the team leader of an extraordinary group of young and enthusiastic writers, as I have become an expert in understanding and acknowledging all kinds of exigencies and prerequisites and meeting them beyond expectations. My attention to details, my ability to handle multiple projects at once, regardless of difficulty and amplitude, as well as my superior knowledge of the English language, have all been passed on to my team, making us the perfect choice for your writing needs! I have so far worked with many online magazines, commercial websites, businesses and organisations, as well as collaborated with major newspapers and media outlets in my country, proof of which you can get by reading samples of my work, on my expert author account.