Academic Background

I studied at two great faculties within the University of Bucharest, Business Administration and Psychology. The opposite fields of my two majors helped me to easily learn and absorb information in several different areas, whether technical, financial, literary or educational. During my high school years, I followed the courses of a bilingual class, so I studied numerous subjects in English, such as history, geography, literature or culture and civilization. Obviously, I was exposed to the ins and outs of the language very early in my academic life and my constant endeavours to excel paid off, as I was certified with the Cambridge Certificate for Advanced English – Level A.

I continued my studies with a post graduate course in Communication and Writing, which was the cornerstone of my career, as I was able to develop and shape my writing and creative skills. The communication courses have greatly helped me understand what it takes a message, written or spoken, to be assertive, powerful and most importantly understood by its receivers. Furthermore, improving my communication skills helped me not only with my writing process, but also in dealing with clients, understanding their needs and guiding them towards putting forth clear instructions and demands. As far as writing is concerned, my strong English knowledge, both in terms of grammar and in terms of vocabulary, together with my ability of communicating messages efficiently, clearly and in a very interesting and appealing manner have left their binding mark on my writings, which received proper appreciation and recognition.

After my master, I was awarded an excellence grant in Creative Writing, at the Kingston University of London. The years I spent there gave me the opportunity to vividly experience other cultures, other life styles and thus different ways of thinking, of expression, of communication and of course, of writing. I was immensely inspired by the people I worked with in London, by students and professors alike, by the people I came in contact with on a daily basis, all of them taking me one step closer to being the expert writer that I am today. In addition, it was there where I’ve developed my leadership skills, as well as my organisational ones, which come very in handy when I take on new projects for my writing team.

As part of my constant need to expand my horizons and experience all possible areas and domains, I also conducted one of the largest studies on web-based electronic commerce. My research and project management focused on economics and communication within large organizations. It was a great opportunity for me to more thoroughly understand consumer behaviour and globalisation in a world dominated by the Internet, which obviously is reflected in excellent written articles on the topic. Furthermore, the study helped me better acknowledge the way people perceive the online environment, what they expect from it and what they appreciate, which has been an excellent base for my SEO articles and collaborations.

Seeking for knowledge has always been an important part of my life, of my personality and my academic background is living proof of that fact. As a result, I am proud to say I have become an erudite author, a cultured and analytical personality, a broad minded and original writer.

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