Groshan Fabiola & Calcius Tech


Groshan Fabiola and Calcius Tech Group

My collaboration with Calcius Tech Group, respectable and well known search engine optimization company,began in 2005, by posting some of my articles on Ezinearticles.comfor the very first time. Today, the directory represent a huge outlet platform for me, as you can easily check by viewing my Ezine Articles Portfolio. I started to submit articles under the pen name, and of course author user name, grojanfabiola, but I then switched to my name and now all the articles can be found under the name of Groshan Fabiola.

The Groshan Fabiola and Calcius Tech Group collaboration was very fruitful for both sides, as their clients were impressed and more than satisfied with my work and I gain access to a very large customer market.

Although our successful partnership began with, Calcius Tech Group published a large number of my writings on other high quality platforms, such as

Articles Base

and many others.

I can safely say that, at the moment our association began, both me and Calcius Tach Group were at the beginning of our Internet endeavours, a journey that proved extremely productive and rewarding for all parts involved. As an up and coming search engine optimization company, Calcius Tech Group also started working on Freelance websites, mostly on Rent a Coder, strengthening their reputation through numerous completed projects and great client feedback. Today, they hold an impressive second position, from the overall of 200.000 other coders there!

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My collaboration with this now acknowledged SEO company does not end with EzineArticles and Rent A Coder, as we have worked together on plentiful projects obtained from various Freelance sites like ScriptLanceand, Get a Freelancer. Recently, we have stepped into a major commitment and a great challenge for both, by entering the Elance market, a top Freelance website, with great opportunities ahead.

The merits of Calcius Tech Group in my professional writing career are undeniable, as collaborating with them has helped me affirm my status on the online market, which is not only a wonderful chance, but also a difficult trying. I vividly remember one of our toughest projects together, the Unitek client, which was particularly challenging, because it needed technical writing at a very high level of specificity and detail. However, both me and Calcius Tech Group raised to the challenge and the client was delighted with our work, following up with more projects and content writing for the website creation. It was the first step that I took towards offering complete.

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