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My name is Groshan Fabiola and I am a professional writer and editor, working as a freelancer. I have been within this business for many years now, therefore have gained vast experience in writing on various topics and for different niches. My portfolio consist of over a thousand written articles, press releases and several other types of written material, always in accordance with the client’s field of operations, needs and wishes. My academic background has greatly helped me in my writing profession, but this is a field where constant learning and researching are necessary, which is why I bring continual perfecting and improvement to the play. In my years of experience, I have learnt the importance of being well-prepared, well organised and well grounded and I have come to appreciate them as much as creativity, which everyone knows is essential in writing.

What exactly is a ghost-writer?

A ghost-writer is an expert writer, a person who has the necessary skills and abilities to compose fresh and original writings, in accordance with specific requirements and structures. These articles, essays, book reviews, press releases or even books are written by a ghost-writer in your name, with no copyright claims. I have been a ghost-writer for numerous clients, with multiple needs and styles, always able to create quality content, regardless of the type of writing required, the English style demanded and the deadline imposed. Any notes or ideas you may have, I will turn them into a creative, well structured, original and well expressed piece of writing.

What can you expect from me?

Although I base all of my writings on extensive research and strong knowledge of various English language styles, depending on the given topic, the articles will be easy to read and follow, offering all the information in a breathy manner. The stream of ideas will flow naturally and consistently, each paragraph clearly and openly following the previous one, presenting the information in a comprehensive manner.

I take my job and my projects seriously and all of my clients can expect accuracy, precision, eloquence and originality. Furthermore, I guarantee an unabridged respect for deadlines, as well as for your requirements, ideas and reviews. I strongly believed that clients are won once and then kept for long term collaboration by offering them intellectual, clever, polished and balanced pieces of writing.

What recommends me?

You can check out my Professional Experience page and see a great part of my work, in order to convince yourself of not only my experience, but also my expertise and my capabilities to adjust to different tasks and projects. However, it is my passion for writing that best advocates my cause, as I take great pleasure in my job and I find writing not only extremely satisfying, but also eminently gratifying. It is this dedication, this fervour, that makes me the extraordinary writer that I am and the best solution for your needs. I am looking forward to working with you and putting in all of my efforts and expertise to meed your demands!